" The art of effortless power "
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“I would like to see martial arts turned into a place for the development of human beings, and of honesty. A place where we can see what it is we do in life that really makes us suffer and hurt, or be ineffective and incomplete. Martial arts is an excellent place to see that, if it is done right. Otherwise – and 99% of the time it is otherwise – it is done like everything else, just to add to our survival and protection, our “rightness”, and this ends up increasing resistance and separation – it’s the same approach we have to everything else. I’d like to see it become as functional as it can be. A valuable tool, the way of a Warrior, not the way of pretence and struggle. Really use it as a tool for growth, not self-deceit”
Peter Ralston

The martial art of Cheng Hsin is called "the art of effortless power". Effortless means no effort! Our actions are always effortlessly effective. Cheng Hsin investigates the relationship of martial interaction in a spirit of openness and questioning. Along with technical practice and skills training, there is a lot of freeplay practice in Cheng Hsin. We are training to master unknown situations.

“Mastery exists in knowing precisely where a move rises prior to existing
and even more precisely in knowing who one is oneself before acting”

Martial arts can be a fantastic laboratory for exploring how we are in the world and looking at how we relate to others and to life. Cheng Hsin practice guides us towards a genuine experience of others and skilfully handling "unknown" situations. By practising the Cheng Hsin principles, we can open up to a way of living that is in harmonous rather than a battle. We can join with life rather than resisting what is going on; sort of like surfing rather than swimming against the waves.