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Cheng Hsin (pronounced "cheng shin") is about becoming authentic and real. The Cheng Hsin discipline is practised through three main branches: "the art of effortless power", "body-being" and consciousness work.

We use martial arts as a reality arena to expose some of our most basic habits and ineffective ways of being; an activity where we can investigate mastery in a very interactive and intimate domain.

Cheng Hsin was created/discovered by Peter Ralston, an enlightened teacher and master martial artist who demonstrated the truth and effectiveness of Cheng Hsin by becoming the first non-Asian to win the world full contact championships held in China.

Cheng Hsin could translate as “authentic being” or “true nature”. Being ourselves is effortless. The heart of Cheng Hsin is a real authentic experience of ourselves and of life. The spirit of Cheng Hsin is questioning and honesty. The journey is one of discovery and insight.