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People train Cheng Hsin for different reasons: Some are attracted to the martial aspect, others like to work only on the Cheng Hsin ontology or train Body-Being. Generally, the people who are attracted to the Cheng Hsin martial art need both the resiliance and energy to want to train Judo and Boxing, yet have the openness and sensitivity that is required to train to be completely relaxed and the will to investigate their own relationship to others. This seems to be a rare combination. Generally, people who want to do consciousness work have no interest in hitting people or being thrown hard to the mat. Those that are attracted to martial arts generally have no interest in developing the honesty and sensitivity necessary to progress in Cheng Hsin.

Besides the training locations listed on this site, there may be someone in your locality who is interested in or is studying the Cheng Hsin material and is not a Cheng Hsin trainer. In fact, the majority of people who have done Cheng Hsin workshops and e-courses or study the Cheng Hsin books are not trainers and don't teach regular classes. If you are interested in finding out if there is someone in your locality in the U.K., please contact info@chenghsin.co.uk for more information.

More information on Cheng Hsin workshops, trainers and classes around the world can be found through the links on this site.