" developing an effortlessly effective Body-Being "
Cheng Hsin U.K.

Cheng Hsin Body-Being

In Cheng Hsin, we retrain our bodies to function as they are designed to do. However, along with our body we have a perception of our bodies and interpretations which determine how we relate in the world. So an investigation into how we use our bodies must include how we perceive and relate to the world. We investigate our Body-Being.

We train our Body-Being to be more present and have an inclusive relationship with ground and space. Our intent is to create an effortlessly-effective body. By training our feeling awareness, we start to sense the world differently. Using our bodies in alignment with its functional design, we can use the ground for power and become more physically adept and powerful.  Every body is unique. Along with each body’s unique physical difference, there is a unique mind and a unique physiology. There is a relationship between how we hold ourselves conceptually and how we hold ourselves physically. The term “Body-Being” is used to express that the body and consciousness are an integral unit and any approach to changing physical habits must address an individual’s consciousness.

"Body-being is about awareness, and effective body-being is about an increased level of awareness.”
Peter Ralston

Some people have presence whilst others are withdrawn and seem elsewhere. Some people are full of life whilst others are dull and depressed. Our bodies reflect our attitude. The initial impression that others have of us is our physical presentation, and we are always presenting ourselves. It is possible to have a different relationship with life and our bodies. However we have years of being the way we are now in our bodies. We believe “I am this way, I move this way” without questioning. This is not an absolute; it is possible to change our nervous system just as it is possible to change our outlook. We have trained the way we are now and continue to reinforce this way. What needs to occur is a new training program; we can retrain our nervous system to be more effective, but we must understand and discover a new relationship with our body-mind.

Peter Ralston’s study, work and dedication to discovering Masterful interaction led to him discovering what he termed “The Cheng Hsin Body-Being”. He distilled the five principles of an effortlessly effective Body-Being and created various training methods and exercises to retrain the Body-Being.